Custom eCommerce Web Portal Program

Client: A leading fashion department retailer operating 350 stores in 40 states and Canada. They have an online presence through retailer’s traditional branded websites in 96 countries which operates in partnership with private sale site access to off-price fashion at considerable savings.

The Challenge: The retailer buying was decentralized in all elements of ordering for store supplies, new store opening kits, promotions and calendar driven events via an excel spreadsheet.  Multiple buyers in multiple locations were not consistent with brand standards and quality was lost with rogue spending due to large lead times.

ABGI Solution: ABGI created a complete customized online portal streamlining the order process down to the local store level creating ordering efficiencies, ability to interchange graphic designs for each program as well as increasing speed of goods production and distribution.  This change also helped control the ordering process, reducing the obsolescence of inventory and corporate expense.

The Result: By outsourcing to ABGI, retailer has been able to re-allocate personnel by reducing day to day program management.  We have reduced production & distribution lead time by 50% without additional resources and capitalized on tracking and reporting of spend at the campaign level.  Retailer was pleased to have strict approval protocols for multiple locations to place orders and reduce rogue spending.

Data-Driven Results

We don’t just make decisions based on gut instinct. We combine thorough data analysis, comprehensive reporting and historical behavior to develop a custom program for your company that reduces your costs and increases your efficiencies.

Global Presence

Your bottom line is what matters and we get that. To help you reduce costs, we have negotiated exclusive rates with our domestic suppliers and have developed global partnerships, all to be leveraged for your benefit.

Fulfillment Program

The Challenge: The client required additional space at their corporate headquarters for a hands-on showroom and training facility.

The Solution: ABGI to the rescue! We facilitated the move of all 500+ items to our warehouse and created an online store for their end users to order items for direct shipment. We manage inventory for all of their manuals and marketing materials to ensure that items are always available to end users using a demand structured print and fulfillment process.

The Result: Initially, we were hired to do product fulfillment only. However, after we proved to be a valuable partner, they also requested that we provide printing and fulfillment services for their manuals and marketing materials. We are extremely proud to say that we have been growing our relationship with Emerson for more than 10 years now. We now manage print and distribution, as well as facilitate marketing mailings, catalogs for training, and many other items upon request.

Label Program

The Challenge: The client required consistent pricing and reliable service in managing over 75 label sku’s for a large in house program.

The Solution: ABGI saves the day! By streamlining the ordering process so that labels are ordered on a quarterly basis, we were able to offer significant savings and increase efficiencies for the client. By creating a customized ordering site, we were able to streamline the ordering process for the end user and provide instant access to inventory levels.

The Result: We have been able to simplify costs through a program pricing structure that utilizes combo pricing, provide ease of ordering, eliminate backorders, and decrease production timeframes by approximately 25%. Our advanced reporting capabilities also provide quick access to accurate reporting on inventory levels, usage and other important order details, so quick re-order decisions can be made.

ID Badge Program

The Challenge: The client required a streamlined program to provide its new employees with ID and signature ID badges, as well as maintain ongoing renewals for expired badges.

The Solution: We created a custom solution for each location to order their badges. The solution met all of the client’s needs; ease of use, secure, and cost effective. Badges are ordered on an existing online portal and printed at our headquarters and then are shipped as quickly as the same day when necessary. We also created an electronic database that is integrated with the online ordering program to manage authorized users and reporting. The program also has features to manage employees that have moved locations, are no longer with the company, or have expired badges.

The Result: We provide a simple, easy way for end users to order badges and get them in a timely fashion. We have increased efficiencies on the program by providing a management tool to ensure a less time consuming process. Ultimately, the program effectively ensures that the badges follow strict identity and compliance standards. We also streamline the billing utilizing their existing summary invoicing program. We now manage print and distribution, as well as facilitate marketing mailings, catalogs for training, and many other items upon request.

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