Sep 14, 2017

Do you have the courage to let go of where you have already been?


About 16 months ago, I attended a conference where Toni Newman was one of the featured speakers.  Her opening line was:


“What if the only thing standing between where you are today and where you always believed you could be is the courage to let go of where you have already been?”


During her presentation, she shared a wealth of great information meant to challenge her audience to see things differently in both their personal and professional lives.


That was April 2016.  Fast forward 12 months, and I found myself reflecting on her words and trying to summon up the courage to let go of where I had already been.  After a 30 + year career as a label and card Manufacturer, I was given an opportunity to change teams and join a print and promotional products distributor as their new Sales Manager (  But it never would have happened if I was unable to let go of where I had already been.  Where I had been felt safe and familiar and stable.  Where I was heading was new and exciting, but a little scary too.  In my new position, there were so many new products to learn, but each one represented a new opportunity to serve an entirely new customer base.  I took a chance, and I am so glad I did!


Which brings me to my main point: What are you holding onto in your professional life that you need to release?  At work, are you resisting change and clinging to the “But-we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” attitude?  Do you see yourself on the right career path?  In your organization – do you have the right people on the bus?  And are they sitting in the right seats?  Does your organization have room for new ideas?  Is your product line expanding or maturing?  If the trajectory of your business is flat or pointing down, do you have the courage to reinvent your organization?   Are you afraid of trying something new simply because it will lead your organization somewhere it has never been?


Fear of change stems from a fear of failure.  Nobody wants to fail, but not everyone is willing to change.  Is fear holding you or your organization back?


Is it time for you to let go of where you’ve already been?


Good luck and enjoy the journey!


Ed Brandt
Sales Manager
Advanced Business Graphics, Inc.


Toni Newman is a dynamic and highly entertaining speaker.  To learn more about her, visit:

@Toni_Newman   #Dare2BeDifferent